Diving or snorkeling in Amed is never a wrong decision.  It is the perfect getaway from the busy south and a way to see the other side of Bali. Amed is located on the east coastline of the island and the 2 and half hour drive takes you through hills and green lush rice fields. Stops can be made along the way such as  at Goa Lawah Temple or the Bat Cave Temple where thousands of bats can be seen inside or around the cave. The pura or the temple dates back to 1007AD found by the holy man Empu Kuturan.  It is believed that the cave leads to the mother temple, the Besakih Temple 25km from Goa Lawah. Today, the cave is closed for public, which may be a fortunate thing. This is also home to Naga Basuki,  the mythical and sacred dragon of Mount Agung, caretaker of the earth’s equilibrium. He is honored with offerings in the temple just by the entrance.

Last Sunday 01/09/13 I was with a wonderful guest who was open for anything. The type who is fast on her feet and determine to see a lot of things including the diversity of the marine life.  I called my friend who owns a dive center in Amed and asked her to meet up with us for lunch at the hotel and she came always with a big friendly smile and started sharing about her dive experience in Amed and general safety techniques. After my guest was convinced a certified instructor who works at my friend’s dive center gave her a very clear explanation, very professional and spoke very well English.

Jemeluk Bay

My guest’ first dive was at Jemeluk Bay which was right in front of our hotel. It is  probably the easiest dive entrance and there is even a spot underwater deep enough to practice breathing underwater, clearing water from the mask and taking out the mouth piece and putting it back to your mouth.

The reefs are just offshore from the quiet village of Amed. Due to the easy condition, it is suitable for beginners and experienced divers. The water temperature can be affected by the thermo clines and visibility is usually 14-22m. The best to time to dive and snorkel is October.

Tulamben Dive

Tulamben Dive

Tulamben Bay

After a 45 minutes dive at Jemeluk we drove 30 minutes up north to Tulamben Bay. This bay is Bali’s most popular dive location. World famous for the 120m USAT Liberty shipwreck, wall and coral garden. Tulamben Bay offers incredible shore diving with very easy condition, perfect for divers of all levels.

They type of marine resident found includes a huge school of Big-eyed travallys, leaf scorpion fish, bumhead parrot fish and Pygmy seahorses. Night diving in Tulamben Bay is magical! After the dive sessions we headed back to our hotel and had dinner by Jemeluk Bay. Around 9pm we pulled up a long lazy chair to the beach and watched the stars. My guest never saw a shooting star, well, that night, she saw 4 shooting stars.

In the morning we woke up at 5am and walked to a hill nearby and witnessed the beautiful sunrise on the horizon and saw the first light that touched Mount Agung.