The daily sightseeing tour is perfect for those who are on a tight schedule or just have a little time in Lombok. There are many options to choose from and with reasonable duration to fit your holiday schedules. These daily tours are fun, relaxing and educative at the same time. It has been carefully designed so that all members of the family get a little of something from the day to take home great stories and memories.


This tour is designed for you to experience the ultimate serene beaches of Lombok Island. The beauty of the pristine, undiscovered beach of the South Coast of Lombok is what you will get to see and live for a moment but take home with you beautiful memories forever. A perfect getaway from the noisy metropolitan life and will give you a sooth loving feeling of island life.

Leaving from your hotel at 08.30 directly to Gerupuk beach to board a boat to Bumbangku Beach. The boat ride takes approximately 10 minutes and a stop will be made in the line-up of surfing point to get beautiful pictures of some surfer riding a wave and continue to visit cultivation houses of prawn, lobster and crab which belong to the local fishermen.

Arrive at Bumbangku beach in time for lunch and enjoy the tranquility atmosphere on the white sandy Bumbangku Beach.

After lunch, leaving Bumbangku before returning to the hotel a stop is made to Sade and Rambitan, a traditional Sasak Village featuring the traditional lodge with its buffalo dung floors.


This tour is to discover the natural experience of Lombok combined with soft trekking. The first visit is Benang Kelambu waterfall which is located at North of Praya. Fresh and cool waterfalls from 20 meter high through the steep rock face, covered by varieties of vegetations. The water is originally from Mount Rinjani and also from the forest. Benang Kelambu is located 30 minutes walk from Benang Setokel.

Continue to Otak Kokok Waterfall with its beautiful natural scenery, the locals believe that bathing in the water cures diseases.

Before the day ends you will visit a water palace called the Narmada Temple which was created as a replica of Mount Rinjani & Segara Anak Lake within Rinjani’s crater where you can find the holy water which is believed to give eternal youth.

Lunch will be served on a box

Return to your hotel


The first visit is to Sidemen Village, where you can see and learn how the locals live their everyday lives with their palm sugar production activity.

Next we will visit Pusuk Monkey Forest and share its beautiful scenery with the local tamed monkeys and then heading off to Tebango village, a traditional village where the Buddhist society live in harmony with its surroundings and other religion.

The highlight of this tour is visiting the Malimbu Hill., an ideal spot to see the beautiful sunset where the three little Gili Islands can be seen.


The tour starts with a visit to Narmada Temple which was created as a replica of Mount Rinjani & Segara Anak Lake within Rinjani’s crater where you can find the holy water which is believed to give eternal youth.

Continue to Lingsar, a unique temple which belongs to the Moslems and Hindus. The temple was built in 1714 and considered to be the holiest ground in Lombok. This large temple complex is a combination of the Balinese Hindu and the Wektu Telu religion. It is a fascinating place for those who are interested in the Wektu Telu, Lombok’s indigenous religion.

To bring home with you souvenirs from Lombok, you will be enticed to some souvenir shops where you can buy wooden handy-craft and also some pearls.


Discover the intriguing sites of Lombok, beautiful scenery, unique culture and tradition. Starting from Banyumulek to visit a pottery centre in Lombok famous for its traditional pottery hand-made, producing many earth ware in simple method and tools.

Next visit is to Sukarare village; renowned for its hand weaving of brightly patterned sangket, ikat and sarong. You will then continue to visit Sade and Rambitan village featuring the unique traditional lodge with its buffalo dung floors.

Highlight of this tour is to visit Kuta Beach and Tanjung A’an, one of the most scenic and un-spoilt beaches in this part of the island, white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water. Perfect for swimming and sun bathing.


This tour is covering the whole of Lombok passing through mountainous rain forest, stopping at Malimbu roller’s coaster panoramic view, Segenter – Rustic Sasak village then we continue to Sendang Gila Waterfall and on to Bayan Village, where the religious belief is of the mountain tribe and Moslem emerge over history.

Continue to Sembulan Valley – dramatics view of Mount Rinjani, lemor preserved forest and on the way as far as the eyes can see, spread up of lots of beautiful green lush rice terrace.

Your tour continues to Sapit village, one of the oldest villages in Lombok.

Before returning to the hotel and if time permits, a stop to Loyok, a village for its bamboo handycrafts.

Return to hotel

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